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Welcome to my page. Please feel free to explore around. I welcome all visitors to my site. I would be more than happy to share some of my writing experiences with you.

What are critics saying about The King and the Ogre?

About me

Who am I?

I am both an avid story teller and an aspiring Indie writer. I enjoy being creative and sharing many of my life’s experiences with others. Working on multiple manuscripts for many years, I have finally been able to channel these creative energies into this first publication in February of 2024. Most importantly, I am happy to be able to begin the journey of sharing these stories with others. 


What is The King and the Ogre?

This tale is an unlikely story about a king and an ogre, who by the forces of nature become lifelong friends. Together they care for the nearby villagers in their charge. Every year the king  generously invites these townspeople to a harvest celebration, and every year they are interrupted by a group of silly dragons who live in the mountains nearby, until one day the king and the ogre come up with a plan to bring those antics to an end.

Why did I write the King and the Ogre?

On a warm summer day back in 2023, my dear friend Lisa and I were travelling through the lovely little city of Port Colborne on route to the local marina. In order to get to our final destination, I at one point remarked that we had to first go around the bend, and over the bridge and through the town to get there.

We thought to ourselves almost simultaneously that this mere handful of lovely words would be an interesting and creative beginning to some sort of children’s story. And as we sat at the water’s edge that day, the roots of this happy little adventure quickly came into being.

And so it all began … the unlikely tale of a kindly king, an ogre, and a mix of silly dragons.


What are readers saying about my book ?

"The meaning within the story.. Kindness Caring and Forgiveness are so important to teach our children. I so enjoy the friendship in this story.. and how strong the bond is between 2 old friends."

L. Jenssen

A simple but poignant story that does well to relay the timeless importance of kindness caring and acceptance.


The book flowed really well and the story read well, the message of the book was about acceptance, something I’ve taught my girl, and I’m looking forward to reading it to my grandchildren someday! Very well written!!

Kirsten Purdy

This book is absolutely beautiful! A book about loving and caring any/everyone! With gorgeous illustrations that make for an easy read! A book I’ll definitely be reading my little ones over and over again!

Leanne Birrell

I love the whole book, the artwork, and the message of supporting others … it is just the story we need to show young children.

Lisa Bostlund

This book holds an amazing message for children and their parents alike. The themes of friendship and understanding between all the characters is beautifully written. Definitely would recommend!

J. MacLeod

Gentle, heartwarming story, with beautiful illustrations. A joy to read to our children. They love the silly dragons, and even gave them some names. We were so happy to find a new book that has a wonderful message without being "in your face" about it.

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